Jordan B. Gorfinkel

JORDAN B. GORFINKEL is a veteran comic book editor and writer, and a nationally-syndicated newspaper cartoonist.

As a DC Comics editor for most of the 1990s, Jordan was integral to the unprecedented growth of the Batman franchise, from three publication releases per month to three per week, plus an explosion of licensed products, all coordinated with the sixty-year history of the DC Universe, the largest continuing fictional backstory in modern times.

Jordan created BIRDS OF PREY, a "Thelma & Louise" meets "Die Hard" action/adventure series that was a surprise smash due to its honest depiction of its female co-stars. In the summer of 2000 DC Comics commissioned Jordan to write a BIRD OF PREY television bible and in the fall of 2001, the WB made the series a reality as a companion to their hit "Smallville" series. [reword this?]

In 1999 Jordan created "No Man's Land," the most expansive saga in the history of comic books, serialized in several   chapters weekly for the entire year. "No Man's Land" was a commercial blockbuster and spawned a best-selling novelization from Pocket Books that Publishers Weekly called "victorious." Jordan drafted a "No Man's Land" movie treatment that Warner Bros. is considering for an installment in their phenomenally successful Batman motion picture franchise.  

Jordan left DC Comics in 2000 to apply his storytelling craft to film, television and a other multi-media. He continues to contribute to the comic-book industry, writing stories starring Superman and Batman while creating original properties like "The Jacobian," a serialized feature for DETECTIVE COMICS, the DC Comics flagship title. Both of his careers coalesce in his Comics & Film lectures and classes, which he presents at film festivals, schools and libraries across North America.

A successful cartoonist and graphic designer, Jordan is also the creator/writer/artist of "Everything's Relative," a long-running newspaper comicstrip published weekly in such major markets as New York, Atlanta and Minneapolis and which DreamWorksSKG called "a wonderful idea." A forthcoming book collection features an introduction by Lynn Johnston, creator of "For Better Or For Worse," the most widely syndicated newspaper cartoon in the world.

Although he moved 11 times by the age of 18, Gorfinkel lived longest in Manhattan, where he settled after college and met his wife, Amy Burzinski, a social worker and substance-abuse counselor. Now settled in the Cleveland, Ohio area, the Gorfinkel family is blessed with two daughters, Ashira and Eliana, one son, Noam, and LeeLee, a pink flannel blanket.


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