Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson has worked in the comics industry for well over a decade and, during that time, has worked many of the most popular and critically acclaimed comics ever, including DETECTIVE COMICS and THE BATMAN ADVENTURES.

Scott began his career at DC Comics where he initially coordinated as many as four dozen separate schedules each and every month on the Batman line of comics, as well as providing story ideas for the myriad titles featuring the Dark Knight. In addition to his editing duties, he soon became the Batman Group Liaison, a position that required him to have a hand in virtually everything Batman-related that DC Comics produced, from comics to clothing to toys to video games.

In 1998 Scott left DC to go freelance, writing a variety of projects, including children's books for HarperCollins Publishers and Simon and Schuster. He also became the writer of THE GOTHAM ADVENTURES, the popular comic book that was the progeny of THE BATMAN ADVENTURES, the first in a line of comics aimed specifically at a younger audience; the ADVENTURES line went on to win the top industry awards including both the prestigious Eisner Award and the esteemed Harvey Award.

Recently Scott has written a series of Superman comics and Justice League comics for Burger King, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Little Polar Bear children's books and several videogames for the X-Box and Playstation.

Scott lives in Virginia with his wife Melissa Wiley, a children's novelist, and their four children.


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