About ACE

What We Do

Everyone loves a great story — and what’s more simple, direct, and fun than a story with pictures to tell it!

At Avalanche Comics Entertainment LLC (ACE), we use illustrated storytelling to develop entertainment content and corporate branding.

We have decades of experience producing mountains of comic books, serialized cartoons, graphic novels, illustrated prose, production art and more, generating immense profits — and smiles.

Who We Are

Avalanche Comics Entertainment was founded and is operated by Jordan B. Gorfinkel, former Batman editor/creator at DC Comics, a subsidiary of Time Warner, one of the largest and most diverse entertainment companies in the world. During his near-decade tenure at DC Comics, Gorfinkel and his team grew the Batman line from three publications per month to three per week, resulting in 400% sales growth. His contributions went beyond publishing to encompass licensed products, theme parks and multimedia productions such as movies, television and online content.

In television, Gorfinkel’s comics creation “Birds Of Prey” was developed into a WB network series. In film, “Batman Begins,” the successful reboot of the Batman feature film series, drew inspiration from his critical and commercial smash series “Batman: No Man’s Land.” His DC Comics work has and continues to earn Time Warner revenues in the many millions of dollars.

As a cartoonist, Gorfinkel is the producer of the Heroes Happen Here daily web cartoon for the Microsoft and Seagate corporations, reaching out to an audience of 39 million worldwide. He also writes and illustrates Everything’s Relative, the weekly newspaper comic strip, published internationally, that DreamWorksSKG called “a wonderful idea.” In 2007, the new Munich Jewish Museum commissioned a series of “Everything’s Relative” cartoons to be featured in their permanent exhibition. Gorfinkel is the first cartoonist in the world to be so honored in a Jewish museum.