The ACE Process

Whether to help build enthusiasm or expand marketing efforts, ACE creates the graphic story for you.

» Original Content
By illustrating characters, settings and scenarios, ACE brings your ideas to life through engaging comics. Next, we facilitate a plan to bring eyeballs to the comics in print, online, or in combination. IMAGES

» Your Content
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» Adaptations and Extensions
Let ACE amp up your trademarks in a fun, visual way. ACE reinvents and expands established properties, products and characters in comics, capturing the imagination of today’s consumer while retaining the magic of the original.

ACE comics content is adaptable to multiple platforms.

» 24/7 and Integrated
Every project is conceived for use across multiple platforms, allowing for an integrated message to be received by consumers wherever they are: at work, at home, on the go, online, offline and everywhere in between.

  • Print

    Printed Comic Books and/or Graphic Novels

    Comic books range in size from pocket-sized mini-comics and digests to oversized graphic novel/albums. Page counts start at four and build in increments of four, all the way up to hundreds of pages. These are easily repurposed for online and mobile use.

  • Web

    Web-comics are traditional comics that are presented on the internet. Web comics are a dynamic and growing format because they contain all the advantages of traditional comics without the barriers of publishing and distributing physically. Many ACE clients choose to deliver in both formats for expanded reach.

  • Mobile

    Comics are prime content for delivery to handheld devices. ACE comics are adaptable into downloadable, scrollable stories that get your message to on-the-go consumers. Delivered on a timely schedule the mobile comic can reach consumers at key points of brand engagement.

  • Motion

    Motion comics are an emerging format that adds limited computer animation and sound to traditional comic stories, panel by panel, maintaining the integrity of the graphic storytelling while adding the excitement of motion and sound effects. Mobile comics are a lower bandwidth and cost alternative to fully animated video and can be streamed and downloaded to either computers or mobile devices.

ACE knows the comics business. We have extensive contacts with the hottest publishers producing comics today and work with them to bring your message to the comic-reading public. IMAGES

» Microsite
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» Social Networking
Beyond the actual printed comics, we create a full program of interactive features, to get your content visible. Placement with the relevant blogs and thought leaders can generate strong interest, awareness and visibility for your campaign. Working with the social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, ACE will make certain people know you have a story to tell. IMAGES

» Additional options