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What We Do

ACE delivers Batman-level service with the personal touch. We focus all of our expertise on you. Your brand. Your goals. Your bottom line. We aim for peak results, not cliffhanger endings — except as entertainment in our stories.

ACE guides clients through a development process to identify objectives and creative directions and evolve the ideas (e.g., characters, themes, art styles) into comics, animation, and Transmedia planning and execution.

Throughout the process we confer with you, the client, soliciting your feedback and approval on each step of the way — ideation, design, scripting, production, post-production, et. al. After all, no one knows your vision better than you, and our job is execute it.

Finally, we deliver the final story, and let it get to work for you.


Creative Services: Development

ACE distills your story into engaging, entertaining branded storytelling. We start with a deep dive, doing our due diligence to identify your needs and objectives. Then, bound only by imagination, we create content to meet them. ACE Creative Development Services include: intellectual property ideation and creation; world building, i.e. development of backstory and property universe to fully realize mythology; franchise bible creation; character development; story development; scripts; illustration; design; storyboarding; and more.

Creative Services: Production

ACE offers à la carte and full service Creative Production Services in multiple media including: bibles, look books and other pitch materials; print and digital comics; motion comics; graphic novels; illustrated books; animation; live action/animation hybrids; webisodes & mobisodes; television; film, games; music and sound design; editing; post-production; and more. ACE is your experienced guide through the creative production process, customizing production to our clients’ needs and objectives and delivering results.

Partner Services: Branding and Promotion

Stories need an audience. As creators of our clients’ Graphic Storytelling, ACE is well positioned to help you build that audience. With our industry leader partners, we offer promotional and branding services across all consumer touch points. Together, we bring decades of experience with guiding major global brands in developing and implementing custom promotional strategies. ACE Branding and Promotion Services include: brand marketing strategy consultation, activation, management, brand and licensing design direction/extensions, branding tools, transmedia management, and more.

Partner Services: Business Development

World-class creative requires a solid strategy for business development. Through our partners, ACE offers opportunity analysis, sales, administration and management to expand your business. We can also help to secure strategic partnerships and provide you with access to entertainment and technology industry professionals. Financial projections and detailed analysis are also available.

Who We Are

ACE principal Jordan B. Gorfinkel (Gorf) managed the Batman franchise, one of the world’s greatest multi-media brands, for DC Comics (a subsidiary of Time-Warner). Gorf’s creations, such as Batman: No Man’s Land and Birds Of Prey, resulted in critically acclaimed and commercially successful publications (the most successful female superhero franchise in history), film (The Dark Knight Rises), television series (Cartoon Network, The WB), toys, games (Batman: Arkham City), merchandise and much more. His experience encompassed publishing, live action, television, movies, licensing, animation, marketing, digital, interactive and more across the transmedia spectrum. Gorf founded ACE to apply his storytelling experience to customizing the right entertaining solution for each client.


Our clients comprise a wide variety of domestic and international business sectors, including:

Microsoft & Seagate

Software and Storage Industry Leaders

“Heroes Happen Here”

The Challenge: Produce global campaign to promote a new enterprise product line to worldwide client base of 8 million IT Pros and Developers—in three months.

The Solution: ACE outbid Marvel Comics by creating and producing a daily web comic that adapted the client base into a team of globetrotting IT heroes.

“ACE worked tirelessly to create something that the industry has never seen before. Kudos to you and all the writers, artists and the core team who made it happen!”

— Karen Carter (a.k.a. Launch Maven)
Windows Server Marketing

Global Online Marketplace; IPO Market Value $168 billion


The Challenge: Communicate complex sales and security procedures to worldwide customer base spanning myriad languages, currencies and cultures.

The Solution: Series of animation shorts that depicts procedures via pantomime and sans dialogue. ACE created universally appealing characters, including adapting the corporate logo into a superhero mascot, and relatable situations, and produced the content soup to nuts, including ideation and storyboarding, and animating, sound designing and editing.


Leading Cleanser Brand


The Challenge: Promote four home convenience cleaning products that bring out the super in moms.

The Solution: “SuperMoms,” a serialized internet soap opera combining live action and animation. ACE directed the animation unit, managing story and character design and picture and sound production, and seamlessly combining all assets into the final cut.

Crystal City Productions

Producer, George Clooney’s Ides Of March

Battle Of Destiny

The Challenge: Adapt the classic story of David, Saul and Goliath in the heightened CGI style of the hit feature film Frank Miller’s 300.

The Solution: ACE produced a full length graphic novel to seed the property commercially and attract TV/film investors. ACE sourced Marvel Comics-level talent that combined experience and affordability and negotiated publishing/distribution for a commercial release while retaining 100% ownership of the IP for client.

“Avalanche Comics delivered. They guided us through the comic book production process, assembling a stellar creative team that was attentive to every detail and delivered amazing value. I look forward to continuing our Graphic Novel-to-film series with ACE.”

— Ari Daniel Pinchot
CEO, Crystal City Entertainment

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