Who We Are

» Jordan B. Gorfinkel
Avalanche Comics Entertainment was founded and is operated by Jordan B. Gorfinkel, former Batman editor/creator at DC Comics, a subsidiary of TimeWarner, one of the largest and most diverse entertainment companies in the world. During his near-decade tenure at DC Comics, Gorfinkel and his team grew the Batman line from three publications per month to three per week, resulting in 400% sales growth. His contributions went beyond publishing to encompass licensed products, theme parks and multimedia productions such as movies, television and online content.

In television, Gorfinkel’s comics creation Birds of Prey was developed into a WB network series. In film, Batman Begins, the successful reboot of the Batman feature movie series, drew inspiration from his critical and commercial smash series Batman: No Man’s Land. His DC Comics work has and continues to earn TimeWarner revenues in the many millions of dollars.

As a cartoonist, Gorfinkel writes and illustrates Everything’s Relative, the weekly newspaper comic strip, published internationally, that DreamWorksSKG called “a wonderful idea.” In 2007, the new Munich Jewish Museum commissioned a series of “Everything’s Relative” cartoons to be featured in their permanent exhibition. Gorfinkel is the first cartoonist in the world to be so honored in a Jewish museum.

In music, Gorfinkel is the producer of ten independent music CD releases, including “Voices For Israel,” the acclaimed “We Are the World”-style charity benefit for victims of war and terrorism. He has performed all over the globe, including at the White House— an event immortalized as the “Moment Of Zen” on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show Starring Jon Stewart.”

Gorfinkel is the proud father of four children, three of whom look like him. (IMAGES: [need Gorf pic])

» Sandra Rubin Ginzberg

» Robert Greenberger
Veteran editor and talent manager, with 20+ years at DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Bob is also a writer with numerous fiction and non-fiction credits, particularly in the pop culture and media tie-in field. (IMAGES)

» Daniel Gwartz
Senior marketing brand executive with 20+ years experience at some of the world’s largest multinational firms (Kraft, Nabisco, Danone), developing and implementing value-added marketing strategies. Daniel managed the development of brands such as Dannon, JELL-O, LU, Post, Nabisco, Grey Poupon and By Kids For Kids. (IMAGES)

» Neil Strum

» Chris Studabaker
Digital post-production artist and graphic designer. (IMAGES)

» Over 1,000 comic professionals
ACE does call upon the services of writers and artists from around the world to customize the look and feel of any assignment. You want it to look like a super-hero? We can do that. Want it to have that Manga look? We can do that. You say you want to be slapstick humor? We know the best banana-peelers around.