What We Can Do for You

Business Services/Marketing

» Advertising
Deliver your advertising message with graphic storytelling, an unassuming yet powerful way to highlight features and benefits. (IMAGES)

» Branding
Use comics to introduce or reintroduce brands across the consumer spectrum. Comics have mass appeal. (IMAGES)

» Communications
Using humor or drama (or both!), graphic storytelling simply and effectively communicates policies, roles, and responsibilities, best practices and other internal communications within a company or across customer channels. (IMAGES)

» Promotion
Cut through the clutter and grab attention with graphic storytelling consumer or trade promotion programs. (IMAGES)

Entertainment Services/Marketing

Produce a comic book adaptation or companion for your existing entertainment property. Comics are successfully deployed to preview or expand storylines and mythos, hooking the audience while keeping the brand active, before, in between and/or after installments. ACE has extensive experience adapting popular franchises or inventing derivative material from them (e.g. Star Trek; Batman), and we’ll bring this experience to your property.

» Franchise Development
ACE’s team has guided the fortunes of characters in comics and prose, ranging from Batman to Star Trek. As a result, we understand how to best exploit a franchise for current tastes. We can sit with you and show you how to refresh, redirect or perpetuate your franchise across all media.

» Pitch Tools, Storyboarding
ACE can work with you to develop the materials you need to tell your story. Need storyboards? We can do that. Need a pitch prepared to enter a new market? We have a bullpen full of people warmed and ready.

» Custom Comics
We can create comics exclusively for your use as premiums, ensuring your story is well told. We can integrate characters, products, brands – whatever you need, in an entertaining tale for readers of all ages.